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OSCR Management & Board

Our work is directed by a strategic Board, whose Members are appointed by Scottish Ministers through an open public appointments process.

OSCR Senior Management Team

OSCR's board is supported by approximately 50 staff working at our office in Dundee. Corporate decision making that affects our daily operations is delegated to Maureen Mallon, our Chief Executive and Accountable Officer. Our Senior Management Team is made up of our Chief Executive and two Heads of Service and they provide strategic and operational leadership to the wider staff group.

OSCR Organisational Chart

Our staff work across two teams - Corporate and Regulation & Improvement. You can view our staffing structure here.

OSCR’s Corporate & Business Plans

Our Corporate Plan 2020-2023 sets out our operating priorities, targets and outputs for the period. In this section, you can also find our Annual Corporate Governance Review.

Scottish Government

Scottish Ministers have ultimate responsibility for policy in relation to charity law and Third Sector policy. We work closely with the Scottish Government's Charity Law Team.