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SCIO Dissolutions and Sequestrations

SCIOs exist only so long as they are entered in the Scottish Charity Register.  Therefore, where a SCIO wishes to stop operating and bring an end to its existence, it must apply to us to dissolve it by removing it from the Register.

As part of the application process, charity law requires that the proposed dissolution is published on our website prior to it taking place.  This gives members of the public, donors and creditors notice of the intended dissolution.

The tables in this section provide details of those SCIOs currently proposing to dissolve or which are in the process of being dissolved.  For easy reference, we have identified separately whether the SCIOs are solvent, are insolvent, or are the subject of sequestrations.

A SCIO which has enough assets to pay its debts as they arise can apply to us for solvent dissolution.  If we approve, the SCIO will have time to wind up its affairs before we remove it from the Register and dissolve it.

The table lists current applications for this process.  We publish each proposed dissolution for 28 days.

If you have contracted with or are otherwise involved with the SCIO, and are concerned about its proposal to dissolve (for instance if it owes you an outstanding debt) or if you have relevant information, you can contact us about it.  If you wish to do so, you must contact us by the last date given in the table.

SCIO name and charity number Notice of application Last date for receipt of representations or information
SC048972, Dumfries & Galloway Youth Orchestra SCIO Notice of Solvent SCIO dissolution 30 May 2024
SC049619, California Community Hub (SCIO) California Community Hub SCO49619 Notice of application for solvent dissolution 22 May 2024
SC049117, Lanarkshire Epilepsy Notice of application Lanarkshire Epilepsy 30 May 2024
SC045195, Ayr and Prestwick Lions Club Charitable Fund Notice of application for solvent dissolution 07 June 2024
SC042647, Moorside NucleUS SCIO