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Mission statement

The Scottish Charity Regulator will regulate in a way which builds trust and confidence in Scottish charities, holds charities to account and strengthens their ability to positively contribute to society.

Strategic priorities for 2023-26

Our five main priorities for 2023-26 are:

  • We will ensure the public have access to the information they need about charities in Scotland and how they are regulated.
  • We will provide charities with the tools and guidance they need to meet regulatory obligations.
  • We will deliver smart, responsive and effective regulation that positively impacts on Scotland’s charity sector and its beneficiaries.
  • We will focus on our people and have a motivated, flexible and well supported workforce.
  • We will maintain a focus on best value, continuous improvement and collaboration.

Information on how we will achieve and measure these priorities can be found in our Corporate Strategy 2023-26.

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