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We publish key performance figures for each financial year.

The reports summarise our activity in key areas including granting charitable status, keeping an accurate register of charities, concerns about charities and uptake of our online services.

Reporting year 2022-23

Reporting year 2021-22

Reporting year 2020-21

For any reports prior to this, please contact us.

Our Annual Reports and Accounts are laid before Parliament each financial year. Our Annual Reviews give a summary of our work and an overview of the charity sector in Scotland. 

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Our Corporate Strategy 2023-2026 sets out our operating priorities, targets and outputs for the period.


Our Monthly Expenditure Reports contain information about OSCR's expenditure.

Reports for the 2022/23 financial year are available to view below:

For reports prior to this, please contact us.

OSCR’s regulatory priorities set out the kinds of issues and risks affecting charities where we think we should target our activities so that we deliver smart, responsive and effective regulation and positively impact on Scotland’s charity sector and its beneficiaries.

Read our latest Annual Corporate Governance Review:

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